How do I make a graph or chart in Excel?

If you’ve never made a graph or chart in Excel then it can be quite daunting the first time, but Excel has made it very easy to make a professional looking graph with just a few clicks.

The first stage is to make a spreadsheet of your information; the important thing here is to make sure you put column headings because these will be used as the Axis names on your graph.  Also, making sure you format your numbers correctly (e.g. if it’s in pounds then format 10000 pounds as £10,000) as this will also give Excel some clues as to what is the best format to use in the graph.
Inline image 1
Then highlight all your data, including the column headers, click on the Insert tab, and “Recommended Charts” and Excel will give you a gallery of the charts it thinks are the most appropriate.  Select one you like, click OK, and Excel will put the chart onto your worksheet.
Inline image 2
The result:
Inline image 6
If you only want to show one piece of data – for example, you only want to show your Margin % over time, then instead you need to highlight only the data your’re interested in.  Highlight the first area, then hold down your Ctrl key, and highlight the second area; again remember to include the column headings when you highlight.  Again, click on the Insert Tab and select Recommended Charts and you will be given some appropriate suggestions:
Inline image 5
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