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Converting a PDF file to Excel can be quite straightforward provided that it is not a scanned document (i.e scanned from a paper copy).  If you’re dealing with a scanned document, the likelihood of getting an accurate conversion is reduced; so if your scan is of really poor quality, maybe stop wasting time reading this tutorial, and get typing in that data instead.

If you’re fortunate enough to be dealing with a PDF that is not scanned from a paper document then you’re in luck.  Although the layout doesn’t always convert perfectly, it’s still much faster than typing in a load of data.

It’s very easy to do; first head over to https://www.pdftoexcel.com/.  I will point out at this stage that we are not affiliated with pdftoexcel.com in any way, but I have used their website many times to convert PDF files to Excel with no problems.  Yes, it’s genuinely free, there’s no need to register, and no I haven’t had any problems with malware or viruses from their website.

Once you’re on the web page, click the upload button:


Find your file and open it, you will see the progress on the status bar of the website as it uploads and converts your file.  Once it’s finished uploading and processing, the progress bar will change to a button that says “Free Download”.  Click this and it will download your converted Excel file.  Yes I was sceptical too at first that I would be downloading malware; no – it’s your file!


After opening your file, you may find that the conversion has worked less than perfectly and requires a little cleaning up, so for example, this is the original PDF that I wanted to convert to Excel:


And this is how it looked in Excel after the conversion:


As you can see, the graph has disappeared, and the colours are gone, but the figures are all there, so it has saved me a lot of time typing it all in, and more importantly I know it will be accurate as there can be no typing errors.  A file converted from a scanned PDF may need a bit more careful checking as the way it converts it from a PDF image is different, and open to the computer’s interpretation if the quality is poor or font is hard to read.

I hope this tutorial has saved you a lot of time!  No doubt the guide above has been good enough to show you how to convert PDF to Excel, but if not take a look at our YouTube video as well:

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