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So how do I merge cells in Excel?  This is another basic technique in Excel that gets a lot of searches on Google, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling with this one!

Let’s say we have a table and we want to make one of the cells merge across the top of the subheader cells (like here we want the year to span across the whole table):


We need to highlight from cell A2 where the year is across to cell E2 by clicking in cell A2 and dragging the mouse across to highlight all the cells we wish to merge:


Then, in the default “Home” tab of the ribbon, click on “Merge and Centre”:


And BAM, your cells are merged:


This only works how you’d expect if the rest of your cells are blank.  Excel only keeps the upper-leftmost data in a range if you have data in more than one of the cells, so use this with caution.


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