Renaming a worksheet (or a tab as I prefer to call them) in Excel or Google Sheets is very easy to do;

In Excel, simply right-click the tab and select Rename:
Inline image 1
In Google Sheets, you left-click the tab (instead of right clicking as you do in Excel) , again just select Rename:
Inline image 2
Or as a shortcut, in either Google Sheets, or Excel, just double-click the tab name and the name will become highlighted, just overtype with your new worksheet name and press return.
Excel will prevent you from using certain characters in a worksheet name such as  / ? * : [ ]  and you cannot begin or end an Excel worksheet name with an apostrophe ‘   Also you cannot name a worksheet “History” as Excel reserves this name internally.  Although none of these restrictions reply in Google Sheets.  You are limited to a name length of 31 characters in Excel or 50 characters in Google Sheets.
 Check out our video for a practical demonstration:

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