How do I wrap text in Excel?

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I was surprised to see this was a commonly searched-for term on Google, because on the Home ribbon there is a button clearly labelled “Wrap Text”, but occasionally the button is obscured for various reasons that may not be obvious to the beginner.  Also, once the text is wrapped, you may not necessarily see all the text within the cell; again to the beginner this will need explaining as it’s not obvious how to change the size of a cell.

So let’s start off with a simple example, where we have entered a string of text that’s too long to fit within a cell:


So to begin with, select the cell(s) you want to wrap the text in, then make sure you’re on the “Home” ribbon tab, and click the Wrap Text button.


Note, if your screen is re-sized you may not see the label “Wrap Text”, in which case you need to know what the icon looks like!


You should find that the row will automatically grow to fit the wrapped text so now you can see the whole sentence:


But if that is not the case, you will need to re-size the column width or row height:


That’s all you need to know about wrapping text!  If you need to know more about formatting in Excel in general, then have a look at our more in depth tutorial.

Or for a more visual demonstration, have a look at our YouTube video on wrapping text in Excel:

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