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How do I Divide in Excel?

We’ve covered multiplication and subtraction in previous tutorials and videos, but how do we divide in Excel?  This is another commonly searched-for question on Google, and the technique is the same in Excel as it is in Google Sheets.  Once you’re familiar with this technique you will have a much better understanding of how Excel works.

So let’s start off with a very simple calculation; 4 ÷ 2. The number 4 is in cell A1, and number 2 is in cell A2:

To begin with, you need to understand that division in Excel is a kind of formula, and whenever you type a formula in Excel you must begin it with the equals symbol =, and the formula is after the equals sign.  Secondly, you need to know that the symbol for divide in Excel is not ÷, it is / (the forward-slash symbol).  So if we want the answer to this sum to be in cell A3, we click in cell A3 and type:


and then press ENTER on your keyboard:

Divide in Excel

After you’ve pressed enter, the result of the calculation will be in cell A3:

So in effect, we have said to Excel “in cell A3, calculate the answer to what’s in cell A1, divided by what’s in cell A2”

Another way of dividing in Excel:

A more direct way of doing this is to “hard code” in the numbers into the cell – that might sound complicated but in fact it is even more simple than the above method.  Let’s take the exact same calculation of 4 ÷ 2.  Simply click in any cell, and type in


(remembering to start your formula with an equals sign) =

Divide in Excel

Press ENTER on your keyboard, and you’ll see the result of the calculation in the cell:

Once you get the hang of these two methods, you’ll be performing all kinds of calculations in Excel and Google Sheets.  Try replacing the forward slash symbol / with + for addition,  – for subtract, or * (star) for multiply.

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