This is a common task to do in Excel or Google Sheets, and it can be very easy.  It can also begin to get a bit difficult depending on the data you have and what exactly you need it to tell you, so sit tight and let’s begin.

As simple as it gets:


You have 2 cells, and the dates have been entered in standard format (i.e. 25/12/2017 otherwise known as DD/MM/YYYY because it is the day, month, then year separated by slashes.

Simply click in a blank cell and begin your formula with the equals symbol = , click the most recent date, type the subtract symbol – , then the older date and press enter, and you are done:

Inline image 1

But what if this isn’t working?

·        This is most likely caused by the dates not being formatted as a date that Excel recognises

Click here for our tutorial on formatting dates correctly for Excel ang Google Sheets

What if I want to only count working days?

·        This can be achieved by using the NETWORKDAYS() function

Click here for our NETWORKDAYS() tutorial

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