You may have several Microsoft Excel files that are used to control a particular area of your business, and you may be thinking to yourself, “how do I combine all these Excel workbooks into one?”  You can move or copy tabs (excel sheets) between workbooks very easily with a few clicks:

Step 1:  Open all the workbooks you want to combine.
Doing this makes it possible to copy or move the tabs between the workbooks.
Step 2:  Decide which of your workbooks is going to be your new “main” workbook.
Or if you want to create a new “main” workbook, create a new blank workbook now, and save it with a filename such as “Workbooks combined.xlsx” or whatever is suitable to you.
Step 3:  Now select a workbook which is not your “main” workbook.
Now you have selected another workbook that is not your “main” workbook, you are ready to move or copy the relevant tabs over to your main workbook.  Right-click the tab you want to move, and select “move or copy…”
Inline image 2
Inline image 1
Now your tab will be moved or copied to your main workbook.  Repeat this with any other tabs you wish to combine into your workbook.
Step 4:  Rename any tabs as necessary
Now that you have several tabs in one workbook, it may be necessary to rename them if they’re all just called “Sheet1”, “Sheet2” etc.  Simply double click the tab and type in a new name so that your new combined workbook is easier to navigate.  (or right-click the tab and select “rename”)
Inline image 3
Step 5:  Save your new workbook
The movement of tabs/sheets between workbooks is not finalised until you have actually saved the new main workbook.  If you have “moved” rather than copied any tabs from your other workbooks, again this will not fully take effect until you have saved your other workbooks too.  In other words, unless you save all the files, they would revert back to how they were if you were to close and open them again.

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