How do I unhide rows in Excel?

If you’d rather see our video on how to unhide rows in Excel, click here.

Sometimes people hide rows of data for all kinds of reasons; the information is irrelevant at the time, the clutter needs to be hidden for easier analysis, or to hide formulas that don’t need to be seen all the time.  But once that hidden data is needed again, you’ll need to know how to unhide rows in Excel.

The method is almost identical to unhiding columns (see our other blog tutorial on how to unhide columns in Excel) and is very quick and easy.

So here is our example, we can see that rows 8 and 9 must be hidden, because to the left you can see that the row count goes straight from 7 to 10:


All we need to do is select the rows above and below the hidden ones (in this case 7 and 10) by clicking in the grey box with the 7 in it to the left, and dragging down to also highlight the 10:


Now just right-click either one of those row numbers (again, 7 or 10 in this example) and select “Unhide”:


And there we have it, those mystery rows are now available for scrutinisation:


Hopefully you’ve tried this out on your own spreadsheet by now and viewing the additional data to your heart’s content, but if you’re still after a more practical demonstration then take a look at our YouTube video:


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