How do I unhide columns in Excel?

Link to YouTube video

So I guess you’ve come across this article from a Google Search on how to unhide columns in Excel – apparently it is a very searched-for query!  And you are in luck because we are here to show you how to professionally unhide any columns that may be hidden from your inquisitive eyes.  So let’s get cracking:

Here we have a simple table, but we can clearly see that the columns jump from A to C, so we know column B must be hidden:


You’ll be pleased to know that unhiding the column is very easy, simply select the two columns either side of the hidden column (in this example columns A and C) by clicking in the grey box with the “A” in it, and dragging across to also select the “C” column.  Then right-click either one of those column header boxes and select “Unhide”:


And there you have it, the column is unhidden:


Hiding the column again is as simple as right-clicking in the “B” grey column header box and selecting “Hide”.


Here’s our YouTube video of the same tutorial if you need a bit more guidance:


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