How do I insert a row in Excel?

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If you already have a spreadsheet of data and you wish to add more data in the middle, instead of the bottom of the table, then you’re going to need to know how to insert a row in Excel.  This is very quick and easy to do, and there are a couple of methods.  We will even show you how to insert multiple rows or columns at once – even some intermediate Excel users don’t know about this technique, so sit back and get ready for some more adventures in Excel.

So let’s start off with a simple table, we have 6 teams in rows 2 to 7, and they’re listed in alphabetical order.  Then we realise that we missed Tim Talbot from Tauranga off the list!  So to keep this in alphabetical order, we will need to insert this new row between Otago and Wellington (rows 6 and 7).


You need to select the row beneath where you wish the new row to appear (incidentally, if you’re inserting a new column, they always insert to the left of where you select).  So in this case we need to select row 7:


Now we have two options; the fastest option is to right click in the exact same spot (the grey number 7 to the left of the row) and select “Insert”:


Alternatively, you can click the “Insert” button, which is on the Home ribbon:


And there you have it, a new blank row:


OK, so now you’ve got the hang of the basics, let’s take this one step further and make you look like a Spreadsheets Pro in front of your colleagues.  So let’s say for example we want to insert 7 new rows.  A newbie may just click the Insert button 7 times, but a Spreadsheets Pro would use this technique:


Then as before, either right-click the row number to the left and select “Insert”, or press the “Insert” button in the Home ribbon as explained above.  And BAM, you have 7 new blank rows inserted, right where you need them:


Deleting rows is as easy as following the above instructions, but selecting “Delete” instead of “Insert”.  If you need a more practical demonstration, then take a look at our YouTube video tutorial:

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