How do I add a column in Excel?

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How do I add a column in Excel? – This is a really simple, but apparently it is a commonly searched for problem!  So if you’ve found this article because you can’t add a column then you are not alone.

First of all, select the entire column to the right of where you want to insert the new one.  For example, if you wanted to insert a column between columns B and C, then you would click in the grey area at the top of column C (see image below for where you need to click to select an entire column):

Inline image 4
Once you have selected the column, you then need to right-click in that same place to come up with a context menu, then click “Insert”.
Inline image 5
And that’s that, the new blank column appears, what was in Column C now becomes Column D:
Inline image 6
The exact same technique is used to insert new rows, simply do the same thing, only with the row numbers to the left of the spreadsheet.

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